Literature’s Lounge: Vol 3 Never Settle Never Give In🚩✔

15 Sep

You can give this game your all & it’ll never be enough. That’s just signs to never settle. Re – evaluate, but never settle. Continue doing what’s helping you and cut ties with what’s hurting you. You have a whole lot of life to live and making the same mistakes will only increase your setbacks. I have a socological belief that when you knowingly act on mischief behavior your punishment is always worst because you were aware of your actions. It’s extremely challenging to always do the right thing. For one it seems to go unnoticed with so much negativity dominating good deeds. My advice to you is, find something that if you weren’t paid you would still do. That’s called passion.

Until next time know that those with the power to move us with words are the “Powering1nes” -@1neofmani


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